A quick guide to finding stuff

The blog is divided into seven categories, with several subcategories as explained below:

1. The Music
The music category explores topics such as the songs, the songwriting, the live music, the discography, the sound and the gear. So if you're looking for info about the live show, touring, festivals, shows, setlists, reverb, influences,  genre and that thing called an omnichord, this is the place to look.

2. The Band
The band category lists the band members, the stories about the band name and makes an attempt to cover the band chronology, as well as touches on the band's hiatus and their thoughts on their career and commercial success.

3. Media
The media category contains magazine interviews, TV and video material, radio interviews, interweb related things such as social media or the live music archive, movies, photos and tries to sort out when, how and who featured or mentioned the band somewhere.

4. Appearances
The appearances category puts focus on one of the most important aspects of the band, in other words, the look and image of the band, including but not limited to the cape, tattoos, beards and mustaches, it also devotes some space to the appearance of the stage.

5. Political
The political category aims to explore the charities the band endorse and the political causes they support, it also dips into the subject of spirituality.

6. The fans

The fans category has some notes on the MMJ fandom and links to other amazing sites and projects, it also try to shed some light on memes and rumors involving the band.

7. Side projects
The side projects category explores solo work by the band members as well as other projects such as Monsters of Folk or Dan Auerbach and the Fast Five.