Jim James
What's the tattoo on Jim James's left arm of?
According to the man himself it's a stick angel, in an interview with Spin Magazine in May 2008 James also said that "it's sort of my guardian angel".

Side projects
Is it Yim Yames vocals I can hear in the background, on some of Conor Oberst's records?
Yes, on the track At the Bottom of Everything from album I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning Jim James can be heard during the chorus. The track was recorded by Oberst in Nebraska in February 2004, James later recorded his part in Louisville in the spring of the same year.

On stage
What is the name of the bear in the red poncho that is on stage at every show?
Pooch and Denise are stuffed bears that follow My Morning Jacket around, keeping the band company on stage. Pooch normally wears a red poncho with elements of black, green and white. Denise mostly wears scarves and dresses, but has also, on occasion, been naked on stage. Due to strict airline bear regulations, Pooch and Denise don’t come along for tours outside of North America.

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  1. Do you know where I can find the Red Patoka Sea?

  2. There is a Patoka Lake in Indiana but that's the closest I've ever been able to find!

  3. Thank you for the much wanted info!!I can now stop searching for the sea and go back to my regular life again *cries* ;)

  4. What is the name of the bear in the red poncho that is on stage at every show?